Cycling Trails in Otago You Should Explore

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Enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer on a ride that will exercise your body and keep your heart pumping. Riding a bike is also good for the environment as it contributes to zero emissions.

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Now, Otago is home to some of the best cycling trails. What are they?

Otago Central Rail Trail

Because the trail takes you through rocky landscapes, breathtaking mountains, and an old railway, the Otago Central Rail Trail is the crown jewel of the region.

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Even when the ride is fairly easy, the 152-km length adds a bit of challenge.

But pedal on and persevere and you will be rewarded with stunning views and features along the way–historic towns, tunnels, viaduct, gorges, and rivers, among other things.

It takes a minimum of 4 days to tackle this trail, so be sure to ride prepared.

Within this trail, there are shorter trails you can enjoy:

  • Oturehua to Omakau
  • Clyde to Chatto Creek
  • Daisybank to Hyde
  • Wedderburn to Ranfurly

Clutha Gold Trail

This 75-km trail starts at the Lake Roxburgh Dam and ends at the small town of Lawrence, which is known as “the gateway to the goldfield.”

Along the way, you will pass by farmlands and landscapes that make amazing backdrops for your Instagram photos.

Biking at the Clutha Gold Trail will be a memorable experience since it’s a huge part of the history of Otago.

Roxburgh Gorge Trail

Extending at 34km, the Roxburgh Gorge Trail may seem easy enough to cycle on, but its difficulty is ranked as moderate. So don’t let the short length fool you.

As a one-way track, cycling through can start or end in Doctor Point or Alexandra and through the rocky course of Roxburgh Gorge.

What makes this trail unique is that it is not your typical New Zealand landscape of verdant green but rather a deserted and dry trail that is isolated from the rest of Otago.

The perfect getaway!

Dunstan Lakeside

A 19-km trail that runs from the town of Old Cromwell to Lowburn, the Dunstan Lakeside trail, as the name suggests, follows the shore of Lake Dunstan.

With most of the trail shaded by trees, cycling this path, even during the summer, won’t be a sweltering experience. It’s highly recommended to cycle during the windy day, however, so you’ll see the trees bend and sway as the wind blows.

There are plenty of other trails in Otago. But for the most unforgettable cycling experience, saddle up for the Otago Central Rail Trail.

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