Safety concerns about epoxy flooring for company use

More and more establishments use epoxy coating nowadays. Industrial and commercial epoxy flooring Brisbane has for companies fits different purposes. It’s perfect for areas such as warehouses, showrooms, retail store and office spaces.

But many managers worry about its safety for employees and customers. Some are concerned about fumes epoxy could possibly release. Concerns about its effects to workplace efficiency and risk are quite common as well.

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The good thing is, epoxy is 100% safe to use for any companies. It’s even safe for household application too.

Epoxy coating and its safety features for different companies

Commercial and industrial epoxy Brisbane offers results from combining resin and hardener. It forms a plastic material that bonds and protects concrete flooring. But it can serve well for other flooring types such as wood and tiles too.

But how safe is it for your company?

How safe is epoxy coating?

Safety features of epoxy coating primarily stems from chemical and physical factors. Chemical factor is about the hazardous fumes it could release. On the other hand, physical factor talks about the safety of its structure for use.

Chemical safety of the best epoxy coating

The best epoxy coating has low volatile organic compound (VOC) rating. VOC are substances with high vapour pressure and low boiling point. These substances easily vaporize in room temperature. And respiratory problems can result upon exposure to VOC through inhalation.

For example, many Brisbane office spaces have enclosed and insulated features. Thus, it’s important to use zero or low VOC commercial epoxy flooring Brisbane has for these places. This keeps office workers from inhaling toxic fumes constantly.

On a side note, proper installation helps keep workers free from toxic fumes too. They should use vapour calibrated face masks while applying epoxy coating. Proper ventilation is important through the curing process as well. It keeps toxic fumes from scattering to other rooms in the establishment.

Physical safety of the best epoxy coating

Epoxy coating can provide non-slip properties for your company. It won’t pose any risk for your workers, and won’t reduce their efficiency as well. In fact, it can potentially increase their productivity.

For example, many Brisbane storage facilities reap the benefits of epoxy coating. Industrial floor covering Brisbane has for warehouses reduce accident because of slipping. And that reduce damages of products and properties as well.

However, proper installation is necessary to achieve such safety. Yes, industrial and commercial epoxy flooring Brisbane can offer is generally non-slippery. But it should have a completely smooth and even surface. Cracks and uneven spots can potentially block your employees and cause fall.

The keys to a safe epoxy flooring

Planning to coat your flooring with epoxy? Two main keys can assure you of its safety. It’s simply choosing the right epoxy coating, and hiring professionals to install it for you.

You need to choose epoxy coating with zero or low VOC rating. Moreover, hire experts from for stunning results. They can provide quality and completely even epoxy coating. They can apply metallic epoxy Brisbane has for fabulous appearance too.

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