What to Do After Severe Weather Conditions Damaged Your Car Windscreen

Disasters and natural phenomena are clearly inevitable. They happen every year, anytime anywhere in all forms. Aside from the danger they pose to our lives, they also threaten to damage our houses, properties, and even car windscreens.


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The most common severe weather condition that does quite a damage to our houses and cars is a typhoon. If you are located in a coastal area or an area in which typhoons usually hit, then you may know the feeling of getting nervous every time. Flying objects and falling debris from trees can really damage your car, leaving you in need of cracked windscreen repairs.

It’s best to let the typhoon pass before having your car fixed. This can bring heavy rains with zero visibility that can again be the cause of a cracked windscreen.


Aside from typhoons, we also have hailstorms. This is a form of precipitation wherein instead of rain, hail falls down. This is a very damaging form of precipitation, depending on the size. It can be as little as quail eggs or as big as a softball. Unfortunately, it happens without warning, which leaves us no choice but to look for HGV windscreen repairs Birmingham has to offer.

When you go for a repair or replacement, be sure to drive slowly. The blow of the wind gives added pressure to your cracked windscreen, which can make it worse. Do not worry as it will not shatter in front of you as long as you have it checked immediately.


A tornado is another disaster to worry about. Since it can happen anytime, no one can really be prepared enough to avoid the damage it can leave. Due to strong winds, trees are being uprooted, houses are torn apart, and cars are flying everywhere. You’re lucky if you still have a whole piece of the car after it has passed, but chances are, you have either broken car windscreens or broken windows.

If your car happens to have a few windscreen cracks and you think you won’t be able to visit the repair shop soon, don’t worry. As long as you take care of the cracks properly, they won’t grow. Just make sure that dirt won’t go into the crack as this will lead to a bigger problem.

Storm Surge

If you live in the coastal areas, you are probably intimidated by storm surges. Whenever there’s a storm or typhoon, it’s inevitable to have damaged properties or cracked car windscreens because of the pressure from the waves.

In case this led you to a cracked windscreen, do not panic. Assess the crack if it’s big or small. If you think you can still drive without worrying about shattering or collapsing, then go ahead. But remember to take care of the crack for it not to worsen. Avoid temperature fluctuations as well as applied force or pressure, particularly on your windscreen. However, if you notice that the crack gets bigger, consider a repair or a replacement.

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